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Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs It's widely known that authors don't choose their covers, but I think Patricia Briggs has gotten very lucky with hers! I love how they're drawn, and the books have also been adapted into graphic novels which also make her look badass. I think they're slightly sex-kittenish but I certainly wish I could draw like that, and would choose this cover over the alternative cover any day.

Considering this is book number seven, it’s safe to say I’m attached to all the characters in the Mercy Thompson series, and always watch for the next release. Frost Burned was no disappointment, and all the old characters that I love were involved, which you didn’t get so much in River Marked because Mercy and Adam were on their honeymoon—I still did love that book though. We get Zee, Tad, Marsilia, Stefan, all of the pack and even a guest from the Alpha and Omega series which was a pleasant surprise.

This book is fast-paced and complicated, pulling together both an intricate plot and elaborate characters. Frost Burned jumped right in with action around the second chapter when Adam and the rest of the pack are abducted. This is caused by werewolf politics, because the werewolves have released their existence to the world.

Do not think that because Adam is abducted, you won’t see much of him, because there are two awesome chapter in his point of view, which I just lapped up. We see how Adam views Mercy, the pack bond and how his inner wolf contrasts to Mercy’s inner coyote.

Mercy is such an enjoyable character to read, she’s strong, she has back-story and an intriguing relationship with Coyote. When she’s not fighting for her life, she’s baffled by her pack bond, and saving those she loves. Her voice is really enjoyable to read and every time I hear about a new Mercy Thompson release I jump to buy it--or rather my mum does!

The world Briggs creates is so vivid and complex, with werewolf politics, Fae and Vampires, all weaved into one magnificent plot. One chapter the characters interact with the Fae, the next with Vampire, I didn’t get bored once.

If you haven’t venture into this adult Urban Fantasy world yet, and are looking for something new, I highly recommend this complex, interesting series.

Rating: A
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